Pastor Tony Barber Welcome to Bluff Park Baptist Church!

I'm Tony Barber, the pastor of Bluff Park Baptist Church.  Here at Bluff Park Baptist we say "we are a traditional church with contemporary love".  Let me explain what we mean by that.  First, we are traditional in three ways:  through our Sunday worship services, our Sunday morning Bible study and in our preaching and teaching. Our Sunday worship services are traditional Southern Baptist services;  I preach expository messages from the word of God by applying His precious words to every day life.  We sing from the hymnbook and still have a choir.  (For many people that sounds like a dull service.  But let me tell you it's not!)  If you come to Bluff Park Baptist Church you will feel the presence of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit.  What can be more exciting than that?  We also have traditional Sunday morning Bible study and we still call it "Sunday School". 

I believe that any church that doesn't emphasize small group Bible study and focus on teaching people the word of God is not only disobedient to the command of Jesus, but also does a great disservice to those who want to walk closer to the Lord.  Can you just attend a worship service once a week and praise and worship and become a better Christian?  I don't think so.  I believe the church has a responsibility to teach and Christians have a responsibility to learn.  As the shepherd of the local church, part of my task is to make sure that the Bible Study opportunities are available. Here at Bluff Park you will find a "Sunday School" class of like-minded people who will share, listen and help you grow in the Lord as they grow along side of you.

Finally, we are traditional in preaching and teaching that there is but one way to a relationship with God and thus an eternity in Heaven:  the blood of Jesus Christ.  We preach and teach Jesus, here.  There is no other name under heaven whereby a man can be saved.  The Bible says that and we believe it.  Apart from Jesus, a person is lost and in need of the salvation that is available only through Him.

Now to the "contemporary love" part of our philosophy.  We understand the modern day pressures and temptations.  While we do obediently judge sin, (the Bible is clear about our relationship to sin) we do not judge people.  We love all sinners and want each one to come from a sinful lifestyle of hurt and danger to a righteous lifestyle of obedience to a loving God.  In this culture of "anything goes" and "I'm OK, you're OK" there are all kind of snares to make a person fall into sin.  At Bluff Park Baptist Church, we just want to help you find your way back out.  Real love is not allowing a person to wallow in sin and degradation.  Real love helps free you from the clutches of a dangerous and wrong-minded lifestyle.  We are indeed a traditional church with a heart of contemporary love.

If you are searching for a loving church family with which to unite and utilize your God-given spiritual gifts, Bluff Park is the place for you.  If you are searching for a full, satisfying life I invite you to try Jesus and His church that meets here at Bluff Park.

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Sun9:00am"Bluff Perk" Breakfast Fellowship
9:45amBible Study
Wed6:30pmPrayer Meeting
7:15pmAdult Choir Practice


Bluff Park Baptist Church
2211 McGwier Drive