From Your Pastor's Heart, Jan 7th 2016


A new year brings changes and challenges.  Bluff Park Baptist Church lost several wonderful, faithful members of our church family in 2015. We all will miss the smiling faces and willing hands that have gone to their reward.  And we are seeing new faces.  We’ve welcomed new members that have added to our close-knit fellowship. Frankly, in several ways, we aren’t the same church that we were in 2015. Changes; they are inevitable.

            But what hasn’t changed is our personality as a church and our mission in the community.  We are still the most loving, accepting, welcoming church around.  People feel at home and at ease here.  That makes our mission easier to accomplish. As we seek to minister in the community, our reputation as a loving, community-focused church will help draw people to Christ.

            But as changes do occur, there will be challenges.  We are challenged to move forward despite personal losses. We are challenged to utilize our spiritual gifts and to embrace the changes.  We are challenged to minister to our community, perhaps in ways we haven’t imagined yet. There are challenges all around us.

            But along with the changes and challenges we encouraged by the presence of God in our daily lives.  Personally, in our “everyday life” and cooperatively as God’s body of believers.  He will not leave us lacking.  God empowers us to accomplish everything He challenges us to do.

            Embracing the changes, accepting the challenges, let’s move forward in this wonderful, new year.

Bro. Tony


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