From Your Pastor's Heart, April 13th 2017


             Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Easter at different times of the year?  In Western religious culture Easter is observed on the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox, which is always March 21st.  The reasons behind that are varied and in some circles, even controversial.  While I would rather it be celebrated on a given Sunday each year, it really doesn’t matter.

            What matters is the event itself. While Christ’s birth and death are of utmost importance in the narrative of God’s amazing grace and salvation, it is the resurrection that “seals the deal” so to speak.  That Jesus walked out of that tomb physically alive is both the proof of His deity and the guarantee of all His promises.  Had he stayed dead nothing would be the same.

Over the sands of time many religious, political, and social innovators have been born and have died.  They are still dead and so their effects on history have waned as new innovators arrived and brought about change.  Jesus, however, was no mere “innovator”.  He didn’t just have good ideas and new methods of social and political discourse.  Rather, as He revealed God to us in real and personal ways He changed people, not just ideas.  He showed us both the immense love of God and the unbelievable grace of God. And just to be sure we knew who we are dealing with, He then showed us the very power of God in His resurrection from the dead.

We can live out His commandments, center our lives around his teachings, sacrifice whatever it takes and rest assured that God will keep all His promises to us.  Why? Because Jesus was raised from the dead.  If He has that power over death, just imagine the power He has over our life!

I wish each and every one of you the blessings of a risen Lord!

Bro. Tony


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