From Your Pastor's Heart, April 20th 2017


Will it ever end?  This “gender is a choice” thing; will it ever end?  First, there was the homosexual movement where we were forced to accept same-sex attraction as normal.  Then came the transgender cult and we are faced with people “choosing” which sex they wanted to be (again, we are being coerced into accepting that as perfectly normal).  But now…now comes the “non-gender binary” person.

            I’m not kidding.  I wish I was, but I’m not.  There is an actress on a TV show that says she doesn’t “identify” with either sex.  Honest. I’m not making this up. She wants to be called “they” because she is neither, yet both. This came to my attention because she was nominated for an Emmy award but the Emmy people didn’t know whether to nominate her for “best actor” or “best actress”. She chose “actor” because she said that historically anyone that acted was called an actor and thus it is a non-gender binary term.

            But it won’t stop here.  Once you throw that “and God created them male and female” out the window there is literally no stopping place. So how do Christians respond to yet another attack on God’s creation and purpose?

First we stand firmly by our Biblical conviction that God created two separate and distinct sexes. There is no reason to compromise on that issue and we should not allow a depraved government to force us to think or act any other way.  But as Christians we are called to compassion. That poor, confused lady doesn’t need affirmation of her mental problems.  She certainly needs our compassion and she needs our sympathy…but she needs help. 

So let’s make part of our prayer time a prayer for all those with mental/emotional problems with their sexuality.  If the psychiatrists, doctors, and psychologists won’t help them, let’s pray that God will touch them.  He’s their only hope. And remember, you may be the only “Jesus” they see.  Treat them with the same respect you would give all people that God loves.

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