From Your Pastor's Heart, April 27th 2017


I’m writing this the day after Easter and I want to share a few thoughts about that day. First, it was a great day of worship here at Bluff Park Baptist Church.  The Sunrise Service was very well attended, the fellowship during Bluff Perk breakfast was a blessing, our Bible study classes were well attended and meaningful, and our Worship Service was Spirit-filled and powerful. We couldn’t ask for a better day of gathering together as God’s people. Then our family gathered at our home and ate together.  That was pretty awesome, too.

Then it was over. Angie and I sat at the house, happy, satisfied, blessed…and tired.  While resting I had the thought: Well, Easter is over. How many of you had that same thought as your day was winding down?  But is Easter really ever “over”? I can’t imagine the disciples and other followers sitting back at bedtime and thinking that it was a long and tiring day and they needed to get some rest so they could get back to “business as usual” the next day.  For them there would be no more “business as usual”.

They had seen Jesus beaten and disfigured….die on the cross.  They had seen him buried.  They had mourned and wept, their spirits crushed under the horrendous events of the day.  Then they saw a dead man rise from His grave and walk among them.  They had talked to Him and touched Him.  Nothing….nothing…would ever be the same for them. They had another “business as usual”; the telling of that story as they spread the Gospel.

I know that we have jobs to go to and families to take care of.  I know that for the vast majority of Christians, there is “business as usual” to be done.  There is a song sung at Christmas that has the words “why can’t every day be like Christmas?”  But I’m thinking that we should give thought to the resurrection and ask ourselves, why can’t every day be like Easter?  Because, in truth, every day of our lives should be impacted by the Resurrection of Jesus; it should be on our minds and it should affect our actions, thoughts, and demeanor.  And honestly, should every Sunday service at churches be as joyful, inspiring, and Spirit-filled as Easter Sunday?

He is risen indeed!

Bro. Tony


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