From Your Pastor's Heart, April 5th 2017


In a sermon two weeks ago I spoke about how Christian should live a life of “do’s” and not worry so much about all the “don’t’s” of Christian living.  As we focus on the positive things of a Christian lifestyle we will find ourselves not doing a lot of things as the by-product doing good things.  But how does that play out in certain areas?  Can we, then, say there are certain things that a Christian will not do?  It gets tricky sometimes, doesn’t it? I mean, we can surely point out the “obvious” things like murder, adultery, homosexuality, and the like.  But how should a Christian respond to these issues as they play out in what I call the “outer parts” of our lives?  Let me give you an example.

The state of North Carolina passed a law that people must use the restroom of their birth gender.  This was then referred to as a “controversial” law (when in fact, the true controversy was when President Obama decreed otherwise). Businesses and sports organizations began either leaving the state or punishing them by withholding championship games.  The impact on the economy is estimated to be almost four billion dollars.  That’s $4,000,000,000.00.  Many in that state have called for a repeal of that law because of the business and sports repercussions.

This law doesn’t impact where anyone goes to church, nor does it impact what we can teach doctrinally within the confines of the church. So what is the big deal? Should we let people choose whatever bathroom they want so that a shoe company will stay in the state or we can have a Super Bowl played in one of our cities?  Four billion dollars is a lot of money and a Super Bowl is very prestigious.

Thankfully, President Trump has undone President Obama’s controversial mandate.  But while the North Carolina law is moot, what should a Christian do when the federal government prohibits Christians from protecting children from un-Godly and unnatural pagan teachings in schools?  The answer is two-fold.

First, at home, teach your children the Christian viewpoint of everything; a Biblical worldview.  And teach then the Christian way of compassion for those with mental/emotional problems so that they are not a part of hateful culture. Then, in the public sphere, stand strong on your Christian values by doing whatever you can to get those poor children who are dealing with their sexual confusion some help; not by affirming their sickness, but by helping them find a cure.  If that takes a law (and I’m astounded that it would actually come to that) then support such a law.

If it ever comes down to either having sports championship games played in my state or my grandchildren having to use the restrooms or locker rooms with people of the opposite sex, I’ll protect my grandchildren every time.  Honestly, if they wanted to divide the NFL, MLB, and NBA teams and place half in New York and half in California, it would not lessen the quality of life for me in any sense.

Bro. Tony


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