From Your Pastor's Heart, April 7th 2016


When I was younger I used to collect postage stamps.  I learned that the most valuable stamp in the world was one called the “British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta”.  It recently sold for over $9,500,000.00! Why, you might ask, would someone pay over nine and a half million dollars for a tiny piece of paper?  The reason is quite simple: It is unique.  There is not another like it. That makes it so very special.

            You are unique. Sure you may have family members that look like you are have some of your mannerisms, but even identical twins are not exact, perfect replicas of each other. You are unique.  God created you to be special.  He endowed you with physical, emotional, and psychological characteristics that make you unique.  In addition to that, as we go through life experiencing different aspects of life, we are molded somewhat by the things we encounter; blessings and troubles.

            Sadly, I believe that the overwhelming majority of people go through life without ever embracing all of their uniqueness and never experiencing all of the life that their Creator equipped them for.  Many because they are lost and thus cannot become all that God created them to be.  But many Christians, after salvation, simply stop looking for God’s complete will for their lives.  They find a happy place where they are content and embrace that “comfort zone”.  They will never know the blessings of the next step of faith. 

            What about you? Is God using the uniqueness He created in you? Are you utilizing your God-given characteristics?  God created you with purpose. Have you discovered that puirpose?  

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