From Your Pastor's Heart, August 10th 2017


In my heart I know that intelligent, rational people innately know that same sex attraction and transgender desires are unhealthy mental issues.  So I wonder why otherwise bright and educated folks continuously chant their mantra of “acceptance” for the obvious sicknesses of gender dysphoria and homosexual tendencies.   Why would such foolishness be tolerated at all?  Five years ago we would not be involved in such discussion about a person wanting to change sexes or people “marrying” someone of the same sex because all sensible people knew it was wrong.  It was just common sense.  These days people just say that Christianity caused the past and present “hatred” of those people with “alternate lifestyles”.  If that were so, then why do a huge number of non-believers think that homosexual desires and gender dysphoria are un-acceptable choices?  Simple answer:  There are some things that rational people just know.

            So why does this insanity seem to be growing?  Because Satan knows how to confuse and mislead.  He has certainly gotten the hearts of some very rich, influential, and socially powerful people.  They in turn have the ability to silence a vast majority of people. I do not believe for a minute that almost half the people in this nation approve of homosexuality or trans-gender beliefs.  However, what would happen if they spoke out?

            Take the professional sports leagues for instance.  People would have you believe that the players are alright with homosexual players.  I mean, none have come out and said otherwise, have they?  But what would happen if they did?  First, they would be ordered to apologize and take “sensitivity” training.  If that didn’t quiet them, then they would simply lose their jobs.  Sportscasters, news people, college professors, and countless others are intimidated into silence.  Christian judges have been asked to recuse themselves from cases involving homosexuality while no one bats an eye when a homosexual judge issues rulings about homosexuality.

            We Christians have, for the time being, the freedom to speak the truth inside the walls of the church even as we are chastised for it in the public sphere of the workplace, schools, and government.  So let’s use our time wisely to grow in our faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The more we know of Him and the stronger our faith in Him, the less likely we are to be threatened into complicity with an evil world.  

Bro. Tony

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