From Your Pastor's Heart, August 18th 2016


I watched several events of the Olympics in Rio; what tremendous athletes! One thing I thought about as I watched the opening ceremonies was that every athlete there had one goal: The gold medal.  That was the ultimate prize.  Can you  imagine the training that took place because the athletes wanted that prize?

            Paul spoke of a prize using athletic endeavor as he illustrated  Christians achieving a permanent crown of glory in I Corinthians 9:24-27.  We usually read that as striving to lead the Christian life and living up to Godly standards.  That is absolutely true.  However, he speaks of the “prize” as he is talking about his efforts and sacrifices to win people to Jesus.  He worked hard to spread the Gospel and in doing so was living up to the promise of an eternity in Heaven.

            But he also spoke of doing it with purpose; training for what he was called to do.  He didn’t just  run aimlessly or beat the air with his fists.  What is your purpose in the Kingdom of God…and do you train hard to be successful in it?  To win the battle in these Christian Olympics we must train hard and work toward that prize!

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Bro. Tony

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