From Your Pastor's Heart, August 20th 2015


“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  The first time I heard that phrase I was at a conference and because of the type of conference I was attending, the meaning was pretty clear.  The fact is, though, any church can say that and be comfortable their efforts.  Every church, by its actions, defines what the “main thing” is for that church.

            For some churches, the main thing is a social agenda for taking care of the physical needs of people.  Others focus on political agendas, working hard to change moral laws.  Many churches will put their efforts into discipleship of believers. And yes, some will strive for exciting worship and praise.  These things are fantastic and a vital part of the church, but are they truly the “main thing” of the church?

            Jesus said he came to seek and save those who are lost. He did feed the hungry on a couple of occasions.  He spoke of justice and ministry to those in need.  He reached out to those who were hurting, marginalized by society, and mistreated.  But all with one goal: Seeking and saving the lost. That was His “main thing” and I think it should be for every church; indeed every Christian.

            To those He called to walk beside Him his message was always to give, sacrifice, and work tirelessly. He taught them that the kingdom of God wasn’t about them, it was about others. That is still His call to us.

            Let’s “keep the main thing the main thing”. Let us be a church of Christians who seek and save those who are lost.

Trust God.  Plan big.  Work hard.

Bro. Tony

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