From Your Pastor's Heart, August 25th 2016


There is nothing quite like a weekend in the south when school starts back:  Friday night high school football, Saturday college football, Sunday Church services.  Right?  Well, Sunday church services aren’t quite as exciting are they?  There’s no cheering, marching bands, or screaming.  In fact, compared to the excitement and pageantry of football, church can  be pretty dull.  Or is it?  I think it’s is mostly an incorrect mindset; a misguided expectation.

            When you walk into Bluff Perk every Sunday morning, you see members of your church family that you love.  In Bible study classes you interact with friends and fellow Christians as you discover and affirm truths that affect your life.  In worship service there is both exciting and heartfelt worship and praise.  Hopefully the sermon will touch on a need you have or help you better understand the heart and desires of God.

            I don’t expect anyone to “tailgate” in our parking lot on Sunday morning, nor do I think anyone will fly church flags from their car window on the way home from a service.  But I do hope that Christians look forward to church services on a southern Sunday morning! As we proudly say down south: “They ain’t nothing like ‘em”!

           As usual,

Say something good about your Savior and about His church here in Bluff Park.

Bro. Tony

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