From Your Pastor's Heart, Dec 17th 2015


As a nation that historically welcomes people of all races, cultures, and religions why are we suddenly confronted with dialogue about Muslim immigration? One presidential candidate even goes so far as to call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. Let me deal with that issue in two ways, religious and patriotic.  But before I do that I want you to understand one thing about the Muslim religion:  Their growth in any and every nation is not through religious conversion.  Rather it is through immigration and high birth-rate. Christianity grows as people are voluntarily converted to Jesus, not through mass migration.  Thus my thoughts that follows.

            First, let’s look at Muslim immigration from a religious standpoint. Their religious doctrines are eternally and dangerously false.  There is but one way to a right relationship with God and it isn’t through Muhammad. As a Christian I must look at them as a field ripe for harvest. I must learn about them in order to better evangelize them.  I must learn to love them just as Jesus loves them.  He died for them as much as He died for me.  It is my duty and calling to tell them that and to strive for them to make a voluntary choice to call on Jesus and be saved.

            Now let’s look at it through patriotic lenses.  As I said, the growth of Islam in the US is through immigration and high birth-rate.  While the population of Muslims in America stands at around 6.5 million (just over 2%) that is a tremendous growth over the last decade.  Because Muslim ideology is in direct opposition to the very values that make up the “American dream” as established in our constitution, that is troubling in itself. But greater than that is fear for physical safety. 

            When  a Muslim becomes “Radicalized”, that is a “fanatic” for the teachings of Muhammad, he or she is prone to become violet.  That is a fact. When a Christian becomes a “fanatic” for the teachings of Jesus, he or she is prone to love more people, sacrifice more time and money, do more good deeds, become an even better person ib every respect.  That’s quite a difference.

            So, peace-loving Muslims, understand that we are a little fearful.  While no one can defend violent actions with the words of Jesus, the same cannot be said about the words of Muhammad.

Bro. Tony

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