From Your Pastor's Heart, Dec 1st 2016


We have a new president elect.  Things are going to change, right?  I'm sure many things will change; at least I hope they do.  As a citizen of the United States of America I have a desire for the direction I want our great country to go. I await, hopefully, for some changes to take place.

But no matter which candidate won there are some things that never change. It is those unchanging aspects of life that are the concern of different citizens:  Citizens of the Kingdom of God. I’m glad one candidate didn’t win and I’m waiting to see just how glad I am that the other one did, because so much is unknown.  Here, though, are some things that haven’t changed that make it imperative that we take our eyes off of Washington and  focus on the cross:

Sin is still sin. If we suddenly became the most moral nation in the world, sin would still exist.  Sin is a matter of the heart and elections never change a heart.  Because of that….

People are still lost.  A change in the political regime will not save anyone.  If Franklin Graham, himself, had been elected president not one soul would have been saved. Salvation is still a personal matter that can be remedied only by personal decisions, it cant be mandated by any government.  So…..

People still need a Savior.  We still can’t get to God by ourselves.  We cant ever become good enough, and stay good enough, to earn God’s love.  None are righteous enough….ever.   That means there has to be an act of God to perform a miraculous change in order for us to be able to have a relationship with the most holy God.  That act was…..

Jesus.  Jesus saves and only Jesus saves. Jesus said that no one could be in a right relationship with God except by His own blood.  No one.

The only way that anyone is going to be introduced to Jesus is through His church.  The government won’t do because the government can’t do it.  It is neither the place or the job of the government.  That responsibility is in the hands of the church.

YOU are the church.  Whether you are happy or distraught at the new government, your mission hasn’t changed one bit. Pray for our new leaders…but never cease to pray for the wisdom and power to do the work of the church.           

Say good things about your Savior and about His church in Bluff Park.

Bro. Tony

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