From Your Pastor's Heart, Dec 22nd 2016


I saw a photograph of a billboard commissioned by an atheist group.  The sign read: “Celebrate Christmas…don’t go to church”.  I was surprised, really, that a group of non-believers would pay money to encourage people to celebrate Christmas by not going to church. Why would they be concerned about whether or not people go to church to celebrate Christmas?

            It shows again just how little non-believers understand about a relationship with God and their misunderstanding of what Christmas means.  Six out of every seven years we celebrate Christmas without going to church. Christmas just so happens to fall on a Sunday this year so the overwhelming majority of Christians will (and should) go to church…because it’s our regular worship day, not because it’s Christmas.  Christmas just makes the experience a little more special for us.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the Savior.  We celebrate it in our hearts…no matter the location of our bodies.  Perhaps atheists will discover one day what the Grinch discovered long ago:  Christmas doesn’t come under a tree and it’s not about presents or food.  Christmas is more…much more…than that.

But the best part about the sign I saw was the fact that it had the word “Christmas” on it.  Christmas: The Mass of Christ.  Every time anyone looks at the sign they see that word. CHRIST.  Even if atheists only speak of Santa Clause, they do it on Christmas Day.  December 25th is Christmas no matter what they do. The laugh is on the atheists, after all.

Celebrate the true Christmas this year.  I hope to see you at our special 10:00 AM service on Christmas morning.

Bro. Tony


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