From Your Pastor's Heart, Dec 24th 2015


     I've watched several Christmas movies and at some point, usually more than once per movie, someone tries to change another person’s behavior or action by pleading like this: “But it’s Christmas!”.  It is implied that people should behave differently during the weeks preceding Christmas.  Isn’t that kind of ridiculous? So let me pose a few questions.  First, if Christmas is time of giving, why do we not give all year long?  If it is a time for family, why don’t we go out of our way to be with family all year. If it is about loving people, why don’t we love people all year?  If it’s about caring, feeding the hungry, helping those in need…why not all year long?  Literally, our plea to change someone’s ways should be “But it’s the right thing to do”…no matter what month it is!  Let others see Christ in you 12 months of the year.

            Changing gears a little, We have moved our monthly fellowship meal for December to New Year’s Eve.  The time is the same…6:00 PM but the fellowship will be a major emphasis.  We will play a guessing game and we want all who attend to participate.  Get a baby of yourself picture to the church by December 27 and we will put them all on a board and guess who each one is.  I think that will be a blast!  After the meal all who want to can stay and maybe watch a movie or something.  There is a sign-up sheet in the hallway for all who would like to do that.

Merry Christmas to each of you and…God bless!

Bro. Tony

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