From Your Pastor's Heart, Dec 3rd 2015


Refugee: a person who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of political upheaval, war, etc.

America is a nation begun by refugees.  Throughout its history this great nation has been the destination of millions who seek a land of freedom and prosperity; a better tomorrow. The current situation concerning Syrian refugees has stirred up quite a controversy. It has been framed as a “Christian versus Muslim” situation and this is not only un-fair, it is totally incorrect.

We Christians are being told it is “Un-Christian” to refuse any refugees just because they are Muslims.  To the best of my knowledge our nation has never based immigration quotas on religious beliefs. That is NOT what this is about.  The issue is safety, not hatred.  I do not know a single Christian who would refuse to give a Muslim child a warm blanket or a starving Muslim family food to eat.  We are called to be loving and compassionate.

But we are not called to be dumb.  When subversive elements seek to enter the United States our nation has historically tried to keep them out, whether Nazi sympathizers or Marxist revolutionaries and we should do that with Radical Muslims.  There is nothing “un-Christian” about that. So when we are afraid to let un-checked Muslim refugees into our borders, please do not blame the Christian:  Blame the jihadist radicals who try to sneak in under the guise of being a refugee.  Blame the ideology of American-haters who wish to destroy us. Blame the regimes of Muslim nations who cry out “death to America”.

Christians would feed every starving child in the world if we could.  We would build homes for every family living in deplorable conditions.  We would give water to the thirsty and clothes to the destitute.  Christians do a better job of that than any group in the world.  So please understand us as we want to simply slow down and make sure that the people we are trying to help are not trying to harm our families and destroy our nation.  Christians can, and should, do both.

Bro. Tony

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