From Your Pastor's Heart, Dec 8th 2016


I confess: I like watching Christmas movies. Some of them are the mushy, fall-in-love movies that have no Christmas message but are just love stories that are set at Christmas time.  Some are of the “magical” variety where Santa or an elf is interjected into the story to help love happen between two people.

            Most others are the story told over and over again where peoples’ hearts are changed.  Mean-spirited or thoughtless or emotionally damaged people have a huge change of heart because of things that happen at “this time of year”. Apparently children needing toys or people needing loving relationships at Christmas are great kindling for the fires of change.

            Why is that? For the purely secular mind Christmas is about giving.  Or Christmas is about family.  So we are supposed to focus on those things in this season.  But why? Shouldn’t every day, every week be about giving? Shouldn’t every season be about family?  Those are two very important aspects of life. 

            Now, let’s throw in the true meaning of Christmas: God became man and Salvation appeared.  We celebrate the birth of the Christ.  But like the secular aspects of Christmas, should we not focus on that all year?  Of course we should. So let’s do that!

            I’m not suggesting the holly and greenery and other superficial decorations of Christmas.  But I am suggesting we focus on our faith and our family, and yes even the “spirit of giving” year round.  Perhaps a hearty “Merry Christmas” is as appropriate in April and June as it is in December.         

Say good things about your Savior and about His church in Bluff Park.   

Bro. Tony

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