From Your Pastor's Heart, December 14th 2017


                Christmas traditions change over time. When our girls were children we lived within a 30 minute drive of her parents and siblings. Every Christmas morning, after the girls had gotten up to see what Santa had brought them, we’d pack them up and head to her family’s Christmas get-together and celebrate the day.  There was food, presents, and laughter; it was great times.

                Then we moved 4 hours away. We tried for a few years to keep it up, but driving 4 hours on Christmas Day only to return the next day (and once on the same day) proved too much and just like that, tradition changed. Honestly, it was a little painful.

But as we began celebrating the day at our own home, with children and grandchildren hustling around, presents under the tree, playing games, and eating special holiday food, the “new” quickly became tradition. We look forward to our traditional Christmas. Things changed and we adapted and it worked out wonderfully.

In a sense, that is happening within the community of Bluff Park. No longer can we open the doors on Sunday and expect people to come in and worship with us just because we are a Baptist church. There are many Baptist churches within driving distance. And no longer can we offer the simple “traditional” church experience and expect that to draw folks because people who are looking for that are becoming fewer and further between.

We must adapt. Don’t worry, we are not talking about a “contemporary service” with lights, louder music, and a praise band (I’ve always said that a praise band is just a very small choir). I’m speaking of tweaking our service to include a few elements of what younger folks look for. We will implement a few of these “tweaks” as we celebrate our 120th anniversary in 2018. Maybe we will be a “traditioporary” church!

But I can promise you this: we will remain Southern Baptist, with conservative Southern Baptist doctrine and will always be affiliated with other Southern Baptist churches and entities.  We will support the Cooperative Program, the SBC, the state convention, as well as our local Baptist association. These tweaks will be cosmetic.  For I am confident that as we lift up Christ and He draws people to him through this church, the people who enter our door will find the most loving, accepting church in these parts.

This can be an exciting time for this church. Pray hard, strive to adapt a little, and let’s see what God will do. 

Bro. Tony


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