From Your Pastor's Heart, December 21st 2017


                It’s here. Christmas. The culmination of four months of decorating, planning, shopping, and excitement.  Christmas Day is, I dare say, the most anticipated day of the year. Yes, there is also Hanukkah, Kwanza, and maybe even a Muslim celebration, but December 25th is the day.

There is even certain behavior that is expected on Christmas. In many stories, from classics like “A Christmas Carol” to Hallmark movies, someone is about to do or not do something and the cry goes out “but it’s Christmas!” A person announces he or she isn’t going to come home from college…”but it’s Christmas”.  A home loan is about to be foreclosed….”but it’s Christmas”. Someone fails to give to a charity…”but it’s Christmas”.

There is a song that asks why can’t everyday be like Christmas. That is a fair question. Why can’t we be as compassionate every day as we are during the Christmas season? Why can’t we be as loving every day as we are on Christmas? Why can’t we be as forgiving every day as we are on Christmas? The answer to those questions is painfully obvious.  We can and we should.

We often remind ourselves that every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection. That event reminds us of the power God and that He is victorious over death.  How much more so then is every day a celebration of His birth.  The Savior came, hope came, salvation came. That event is a reminder that God is victorious over life. That should infect every day of our life. What a wonderful, miraculous gesture. God, Himself, came down to where we are.

So Merry Christmas. Have a fantastic celebration of the birth of our Lord.  Every day!

Bro. Tony


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