From Your Pastor's Heart, Feb 25th 2016


What is the role of the church in politics? I saw a news story about both Democratic candidates speaking at the same church on a Sunday.  I wondered what passage of scripture they spoke from; what theological insight they shared.  The fact of the matter is that from the pulpit of a church on the Lord’s Day there was politics, not preaching.  The speakers were trying to gather votes not harvest souls.  Individuals lifted up themselves, not Christ.  Is that pleasing to God?

            Of course we Christians should be engaged in the political process.  Government is ordained by God and it surely affects us in so many ways.  We have a political voice and we should use it.  If I told you how to vote, I’d say to vote on Scriptural principles.  Let the Word of God direct you. Determine where the candidates stand on issues of morality and Biblical righteousness.  However, there are different views on that.

            Did you know that there are both liberal and conservative Christians?  Both claim to look to the Bible for direction and yet vote differently.  I’ve read that liberal Christians tend to vote on social justice issues such as economic inequality and the “rights” of groups such as LBGT and women whereas Conservative Christians tend to be concerned with the moral issues of abortion and homosexuality as well as illegal immigration and what is called “political correctness”.

            What I have observed is that conservative Christians are constantly painted as uncaring, socially backwards, and angry.  That is done on purpose.  We are accused of bigotry because we want something done to stop the tide of illegal immigration as well as acceptance of the Muslim culture.  We are said to be selfish and cold-hearted because we want accountability in the welfare system. We are supposedly hateful and mean because we believe in the natural order of God’s creation of the sexes. 

            I love the Muslim people but I do not love the Muslim religion and anyone with common sense can see what the acceptance of their religious culture has done to any and every nation they coax into accepting them.  That doesn’t make me a bigot.  I am full of compassion for those in need, but only for those who are truly in need.  Promoting a sub-culture of welfare-dependant people and forcing people to fund them does nothing to honestly help them.  I love those caught up in the LBDT web of lies, but I love them enough to want to help them escape rather than to allow them to be entangled further. And none of those beliefs I hold make me unlike Jesus.

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