From Your Pastor's Heart, Feb 9th 2017


            Racial Reconciliation Sunday is February 12. If you look up world races you will find that there is some disagreement on how many “races” exist.  Anthropologists say there are from 3 to 5. Some say there is only Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid (European, Asian, and African). Many others add Australoid (Australian), and some add Capoid (another division of African).  There are, though, so many ethnic groups branching out from those races.

In the United States, when we speak of races we are usually thinking Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or Arabic. But one thing we must realize is that God made us all and therefore all have intrinsic value to God.  He does not love one more than the other and He did not create one better than the other. I believe that Christians recognize that truth.  And indeed, racial harmony should be one of the hallmarks of Christianity.

Our nation has passed law after law after law to make sure all people are treated the same regardless of race.  While some of those laws have achieved their stated purpose, not a single law has helped in the area of racial harmony.  And laws will never do that.  Racial harmony is not a matter of the law; racial harmony is a matter of the heart. Only God can truly change a man’s heart.

Does that mean as a Christian I can’t bemoan guys walking around with saggy pants and their underwear showing? No. I abhor that style of fashion.  But it does mean that I should treat that guy with every ounce of respect I show others who dress like I do and it means I should help him if he is in need with all the energy and zeal I would if he looked like me. And it certainly means I should strive to reach him for the Lord and share God’s plan of salvation with him..

Because, after all, in heaven we will all be clothed in glory.

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Bro. Tony


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