From Your Pastor's Heart, February 4th 2016


Another election year is upon us and the candidates for the presidency of our nation have begun to intensify their campaigns.  It is, of course, the subject of much debate and many news stories. The president of the United States is a big deal. Looking at all the candidates this year, I’m somewhat alarmed at the possible directions we could be headed as a nation.

            But then I began to think about something. Presidents come and go.  Harry Truman was the president when I was born.  Eleven other men have held that position since then.  Our nation has had its share of “ups and downs” in that period of time.  There have many changes; some good and some bad. And, honestly, I’m not too pleased with many of the things that are happening right now.  Should I be afraid?  Yes and no.

            I'm afraid because I have children and grandchildren that will be affected by many of the policies that have and possibly will be implemented by the government.  But I'm not afraid because I’m first a citizen of the kingdom of God.  While I desire that our nation recognize the one sovereign God and make His desires known.  The Bible tells us nations considered powerful by the standards of man will rise and fall and to God they are nothing.  He will do as he pleases.

            I will do all that I can as a citizen of the United States of America to retain God’s blessing on this great country and will do all I can to see that the family that comes after me will have a nation that honors God.  But my primary task it to lead people to become citizens of the kingdom of God.  Presidents…and nations…come and go, but our relationship with God is eternal.

            Be informed and vote wisely, but do everything in your power to reach people for Christ.  You may just be “killing two birds with one stone” as you lead people to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Bro. Tony

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