From Your Pastor's Heart, Jan 14th 2016


There is a reoccurring character on a very popular TV comedy who is un-ashamedly a Christian; her Christian beliefs are a vital part of who her character is.  Naturally, she is presented as bigoted, ignorant, uncaring, and self-righteous.  She is also a hypocrite in several ways.  Whether a comedy or drama, Christians are always represented like that.  We are stereotyped that way. Why? Is it because the writers truly believe that, or are they just themselves being judgmental and bigoted? Why not show Christians at their best…the way we really do things?

            How would the public view of Christianity, of Jesus, be affected if there were stories about the tremendous disaster relief programs that rush to the aid of victims at the site of tragedies; often the first on the scene? Why not show the many food banks and clothe closets that operate to minister to the needs of the misfortunate?

            Why do not movies and TV programs show pastors on the phone with distraught people trying to help them through a crisis?  Or a deacon at the door of a bereaved family with a food tray?  Why do they never tell of the thousands of Christians around our nation and around the world feeding the hungry, ministering to the sick, teaching children how to read, helping at orphanages?

            The media elite, in their “ivory towers”, care nothing of the unbelievable ways that Christians minister and help around the world in the name of Christ. And they purposely turn a blind eye toward all the good that is done. They had rather show a insignificant group of self-righteous zealots from Topeka, Kansas picket a funeral than a group of every-day people from Ashford, Alabama spending their own money and vacation time ministering at an orphanage in Ethiopia.

            Why? because they are the true “haters”.  They hate Jesus. And because they hate Jesus, they hate His true followers. We can expect nothing less from them.

Bro. Tony

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