From Your Pastor's Heart, Jan 21st 2016


Having just had yet another birthday I get a little nostalgic.  I look back over the events of my life and the things that went on around me and realize how much things have changed. From rotary phones with “party lines” to cell phones that allow you to see the person to whom you are talking. From manual typewriters to computer word processors that can print color photos within the document.  From no communication at times to instant communication anytime and anywhere.  And it shows no signs of slowing down.  Things have changed, haven’t they?

            The question is: Have I changed? The answer to that is both yes and no.  I was saved and became a new creature. God has placed His Holy Spirit within me and I became a new person.  Yet my human nature remains. Human nature hasn’t changed at all. It never has and never will.  I am still prone to selfishness, anger, greed, and lusts; all the things than can and will bring misery into my life.

            But because I am a new creature in Christ I can both recognize those things as the evil they are and I have the desire and power to fight them…as well as the promise that I can overcome them.  Do I?  Not always. I fail as others do. I've lost battles I should have won and succumbed to temptations I had the power to conquer.  But I don’t give up and I don’t give in.  I may lose battles but God wins the war!

            Are there things I would change in my past if that was possible? Of course. But there are so many things I wouldn’t change because I can see them as gifts from God and victories that make life worth living.  I'm glad I got saved.  What a tremendous difference that made, and is making, in my life. 

            Looking upward and forward, I'm ready and eager to face another year!

Bro. Tony



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