From Your Pastor's Heart, Jan 26th 2017


I’ve spoken before about religion being more than a list of what we do or don’t do. A healthy religion is about focusing on our relationship with God. We are to strive to be close to Him; to develop a Christ-like Character and Godly way of thinking. The result of that, of course, is that we absolutely learn things we are to do and things we are not to do if we want to enjoy life to its fullest and present a positive witness to others.

Our task as Christians is to lead others to a closer relationship with God. If they are lost, that is first a saving relationship. If they are believers, then that relationship will lead then to a lifestyle of righteousness. We are surely to have discussions with Christians about the lifestyles that we lead, the things we do or don’t do, and our actions and attitudes towards certain things, but please understand that we will never convince someone or convict one’s heart. The Holy Spirit has that responsibility and He does it pretty well…..as people draw closer to God.

Instead of micro-managing a list of things that constitute righteous living for others we should first draw even closer to God ourselves. Allow the Spirit to convict us and lead us. Then as we, through Bible studies and personal discussion, help others draw closer to God we will find that the Holy Spirit will do amazing things.

Am I saying that we should stop preaching or teaching against things like abortion or homosexuality? Of course not! Those things are pretty cut-and-dried. We should continue to stand strong and united that those things are hurtful, harmful and obviously against God’s purpose. But let’s try to refrain from making a laundry list of sins that keep us righteous and judging others because they don’t have the same list. I trust the Holy Spirit to speak to someone’s heart in ways I cannot fathom.

Let us all be encouraged as we draw closer to God and assist others as they do the same.

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