From Your Pastor's Heart, Jan 28th 2016


The weather has been getting colder.  It should; its winter. Many people look at winter and see it as desolate, colorless, and forsaken.  I think we forget that winter is part of God’s plan and God looked on his plan and said it was good.  I like the winter season.  Yes, it’s cold and I do like being warm, but I happen to like the grays, browns, and whites in the color pallet of winter. There is a certain beauty in the bare limbs of trees reaching up into a gray sky.  All that God created is beautiful.

And so it is with life. It’s all beautiful.  The pain we feel is a part of life as much as the joy we feel. Just as the tough winters make the springtime seem brighter, so the dark times of life make the good times even brighter.  Winter has its purpose in God’s plan and so does suffering.  Hold on and learn what you can from the dark times, because God has something beautiful and joyful for you in the next season of your life.          


Bro. Tony

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