From Your Pastor's Heart, Jan 5th 2017


            Sunday School              9:45 AM

            Morning Worship        11:00 AM

            Training Union              5:00 PM

            Evening Worship           6:00 PM         

            Wednesday Service        7:00 PM

            Do you remember when the above was the norm for every Baptist church; indeed, almost every Protestant church? The order of worship was practically the same, too: Opening Hymn, Welcome and Announcements, two hymns, offering, special music, sermon, and then invitation.  The men and boys all wore ties and the women and girls all wore dresses. I have many fond memories of growing up in churches like that. I know the vast majority of you do, too. So, like me, you have seen some things change. And, like me, you may not have not been pleased with some of those changes. I’ll admit it: When it comes to church models of worship and times, I am a “dinosaur”.

But “dinosaurs” die out eventually, don’t they?  Let’s face it, things change.  I have come to see that a successful church…one that ministers and grows…learns how to embrace cultural changes in a Biblically sound, God-honoring way.  The key to being that church is this: We cannot fight change, we must manage change.  The Long Range Planning Committee is currently meeting twice a month with an eye on some things we may have to manage in order to better reach our community so that we can minister to their spiritual needs. We covet your prayers, we covet your patience, and we covet your cooperation.  As you seek God’s will with us, please read a couple of scriptures that I believe speak to our situation as a church:  Mark 2:27 and 1 Corinthians 9:19-23.

There are a couple of things that never change and no matter what things we manage; we will always have sound Bible teaching and bedrock Southern Baptist doctrine.  A conservative Biblical worldview based on the centrality of the cross in salvation and the centrality of the Bible in our lifestyle will always be the cornerstone of our preaching, teaching, and praise and worship. I assure you of that.

Bro. Tony


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Wed6:30pmPrayer Meeting
7:15pmAdult Choir Practice


Bluff Park Baptist Church
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