From Your Pastor's Heart, Janurary 11th 2018


The Christian way of life was faced with many challenges in 2017. Too many mindsets opposed to God’s purpose (not to mention plain old common sense) received positive affirmation from so-called “progressives” who have unfortunately worked their way into places of power in our culture. Honestly, I don’t see that changing in 2018.

                15 years ago I would have told you that there was no “agenda” to what the news and entertainment world presented to the American people, nor in the way they presented it.  Boy, was I naïve; bordering on dumb.  The reason this bothers me is that it is conservative ideology that is being maligned and mis-represented. Where does one find most conservative ideology? In Christian beliefs.

A Christian should view all issues through the lens of the Bible. We should look at society, politics, and even entertainment with an eye on what the Bible’s says about God’s purpose and intent for His creation. When they don’t mesh we have a decision to make. Do we follow God’s word and live in obedience to Him or do we compromise in order to better fit in? Do we remain silent, bullied by media and political correctness or do we stand firm on the Word of God?

Case in point about a world becoming numb to God’s purpose and irrational to the point of insanity is a story I recently read. A woman had just given birth and she and her husband had given the child a gender-neutral name because they had decided not to “sex” the child. They were being hailed as intellectual and progressive. They are anything but. My advice, and the Biblical thing to do, is to take the diaper off and see how God “sexed” that child in the womb. Then take appropriate actions as responsible parents and help that child live up to his/her potential as a creation of God.

But still, I think we can see where compromise has gotten us.

Stand strong and do not be ashamed

Bro. Tony


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