From Your Pastor's Heart, Janurary 4th 2018


We have begun a year-long celebration of our 120th year of serving Christ.  It’s going to be an exciting year for us, and hopefully an exciting year for our community as we strive to find new ways to introduce ourselves to the people around us. To do that even as we celebrate our long and meaningful heritage is quite a challenge.

            We are going to be singing some very old hymns gleaned from the past; eras of our existence when the church was a little different than today. We want to honor and pay tribute to all who came before us, paving the way for us to minister in Bluff Park. We want to hear from you, as you share meaningful memories and stories from yesteryear.

            But I believe the best way to honor the hard work and wonderful service done in the past is to keep the ministry relevant to the present. Note I said keep the “ministry” relevant. The Word of God has always been relevant and will always be relevant.  It is unchanging and eternal. I’m talking about the presentation of that unchanging Word.   We have to reach people before we can teach people.

 We’re not going to put down our hymnals and sing praise songs “off the wall” but we will utilize the screen more to assist those who’d rather look up as they sing hymns.  Our wonderful and talented choir will still be leading us in worship, but on occasion they may sing a new song to bring your heart close to God. We will continue to stress growth through Sunday School but will just call it Sunday morning Bible study.

I just want us to be excited about what God is going to do in our community through this church. I want us to see new faces in our worship and Bible studies….and at our breakfasts and monthly suppers. I want “The Family of God” to be sung by new family members. I want to feel God’s hand on this body of believers.  And I’m confident that all of that will happen in 2018.

With joyful anticipation,

Bro. Tony

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