From Your Pastor's Heart, July 14th 2016


A small town in New Jersey turned down a request from a group of Muslims to build a mosque in the city.  Muslims have sued the city claiming religious discrimination.  The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has joined that suit on behalf of the Muslims. The motivation for that is that if a city can ban one religion, they can ban any religion; thus they could prevent a Baptist church from building there if they so desired.

            I'm all for religious liberty, but this is quite different.  It’s one thing to allow a bunch of anti-social misfits to “worship” Satan (if they really believed in the devil they would never worship him) or a group of modern-day hippies holding hands in the forest and appealing to “mother earth”.  This is a religion that has spread over the world by force and continues to do so. They prevent Baptist (or any Christian church) to meet in homes, let alone build a house of worship, in their own countries. Doesn’t anyone see the problem with that?

            Make no mistake about it, no matter how much we Christians argue for religious liberty, the true church has always, and will continue to be, persecuted by heathen governments. And folks, you can’t get much un-Godlier than our own government right now.  Government is no friend to the church any longer.

            While we are to honor government and obey the laws of the land, we have to remember that the government is not our protector.  God, and God alone, determines the future of His church. It is His hand that covers us. Our wonderful nation has risen to great heights in the world but there is always the possibility that she will fall as other great nations have.  But the church? The church thrives and grows by the power and with the permission of God Almighty, not the government.         

            My concern is not so much with a heathen government as it is with complacent Christians.  I worry more about the lack of evangelism by the church than I do about lack of support from the government.  I'm bothered more about the absence of prayer in the home than the absence of prayer in the schools.  What God ordains the government cannot stop, and He has ordained the church.  So be the church…..and let the Muslims worry about their mosque.

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