From Your Pastor's Heart, July 27th 2017


I mentioned from the pulpit one Sunday that people, when looking for scripture to back up their preconceived beliefs, can find about anything they want to find, no matter how ridiculous.  Then I talked with a person who told me she found proof in the Bible that there were more than two genders; that gender was “fluid”.  What verse could possibly back up the belief that people get to choose their gender?  Why, Genesis 1:20, of course: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.  What? One of the main passages that we present to prove there are only male and female actually proves the opposite?

Here is the convoluted path of misinterpretation that she used to justify her belief: God created male and female in His image.  Therefore, God has both male and female gender.  Because we are created in His image, we also have both male and female gender and are thus “gender fluid”. See how simple that was?  When a person is willing to twist God’s word in that manner the Bible becomes nothing more than a handbook of current culture.

Those that argue for “gender fluidity” are trying their best to get folks to believe that sex and gender are not the same things.  They claim that sex is the physical attributes while gender is a social construct that can change depending on how a person “feels”. That has never been the case and is not the case now.  Only a handful of professionals in that field of study espouse that viewpoint and most of those are unusually biased toward any such philosophy.  They are subjective, not objective, allowing personal feelings or beliefs to interfere with their judgment.

God created two sexes, especially designed to complement each other in every respect. They both have the image of God but are as different as day and night. Hold strong to that knowledge and do not let a depraved world teach you (or your children) otherwise.

Bro. Tony


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