From Your Pastor's Heart, July 28th 2016


Debbie Norris sent me a video of a man named David Barton doing a “question and answer” session after services at the church she attends while on her 5-year visit to Texas. It was a very informative discussion and he brought out something regarding the the so called “separation of church and state”.  Most people, myself included, have been taught from the viewpoint that the “separation” is meant to protect the government from a church take over; thus we have to remove all vestiges of God from anything that the government is involved in, such as school, civic displays, etc.  Not so!

            He spoke of the historical takeover of the church by the government in England resulting in the Church of England.  That body didn’t result from the church overriding the government and forming an “official state church’.  Quite the opposite.  Thus the government literally ran all aspects of the church.  Our constitution was written in such a way as not to allow that to happen again.  It is written to protect the church from government interference.  The government should have absolutely no say so about the religious activities of any American citizen whether it is a prayer at a football game or a nativity scene on city property.  The federal government has no authority and should stay out of it.  That, folks, is the true wall of separation of church and state.

            You not only have rights as a citizen of this wonderful country, you have rights as a Christian citizen.  Don’t let an inflated government of Godless bureaucrats steal away your right to live every facet of your life, public and private, guided by the Bible.  Our constitution was written so they couldn’t.

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