From Your Pastor's Heart, June 15th 2017


Over the last two weeks I have been reminded in several ways that the “world” just doesn’t understand Christians (and, thus, Christianity).  It has always amazed me that non-Christians judge our belief based on their definition of Christianity.  According to so many things I'm seeing and reading if Christians don’t support unbridled immigration and open borders, we are xenophobes and aren’t very Christian.  If we want conservative judges, we are haters.  If we support traditional marriages and two-sex genderism we are homo-trans-bi-phobic. If we want accountability and personal responsibility, we are un-caring.  If we support a conservative candidate over a liberal candidate, we are mean-spirited.  If we say the United States was built on Christian principles we are islamopobic.  When will it end?

It won’t.  Jesus told us that the world would hate us because they hated Him. The things of God can only be understood by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel is foolishness to those who do not believe.  We really should have seen this coming.  So, how do we handle all the hatred and animosity that comes our way?

Civility, calmness, love, and patience is the answer.  When they call us names, misrepresent our beliefs and exhibit the vileness I've seen recently, do not respond in like manner.  Don’t sink to their level.  The Bible says for us to pray for our enemies and do good to those that do us evil.  I was called a “religitard” by a guy the other day.  I told the man that I was sorry he felt that way but that I understood because I was once like him in a lot of ways.  I told him that a relationship with Jesus had changed my heart and mind and I wanted the same for him.  Do you want to know his measured and intelligent rebuttal? He cursed at me; said bovine droppings (See? There is a nice way to say everything). Then he left the conversation but he left knowing in his heart that only one of us had expressed hatred and fear…and it wasn’t the Christian.

So take heart. It is many times in situations like this that we are able to show a hateful, misguided world the actions of true Christians.   Show Jesus to everyone in all your actions and deeds: be the light in this dark world.


Bro. Tony


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