From Your Pastor's Heart, June 16th 2016


I'm writing this column five days before VBS  begins. As you read this, Vacation Bible School is  drawing to a close for this year.  I can write about your tremendous effort and the success of the event a week early because I know of your effort; I've seen it over the years.  I’ve also seen VBS over the years and know that everyone of them touches the lives of the children that attend.

            And VBS has sure changed over the years, hasn’t it?  I began attending VBS in the late 1950’s and for many years it was a two-week, daytime event. The refreshments were nearly always peanut butter and Ritz crackers along with red Kool-Aid. I enjoyed attending and looked forward to each night.  Would that schedule and type of activities work today?  No way.

Gone are the days when church activities took precedent over sports and entertainment; even civic activities.  And gone are the days when a child will accept slow, motionless music and plain, drab rooms. As much as I don’t like it…that boat has sailed. So we decorate more, pump up the volume, and feed them fun-themed food. And you know what? I thank God for the opportunity to have them here in the church.

I can’t follow the music style very well but I relish the lyrics that teach them about God’s love, salvation, and Christian living.  I enjoy fellowshipping with the kids and kidding them about their octopus-shaped weenies on macaroni as I get to know them better…and they get to know me.  And I go to bed tired, but satisfied each night of the decorating week, knowing it will bring joy to the children.

Our task is to teach children the Bible; any time and every time we have the opportunity.  So…thank all of you for the hard work and prayers.  Rest up….Angie is already making plans for VBS 2017!

As usual, say something good about your Savior and about His church here in Bluff Park.

Bro. Tony


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