From Your Pastor's Heart, June 1st 2017


President Trump made a trip to the Middle East this past week and spoke both with Muslim nations and with Israel.  It was a “good will” tour and taken to work on the diplomatic relations between the US and these countries.  Of course the subject arose in news reports about brokering peace between Israel and her neighbors.

          President Trump gained quite a reputation for negotiating deals within his business empire.  I’m hopeful that he can make some deals, financially and politically, in our own nation to help the US in several ways. With businesses, I'm confident that he can work good things out.  Politically, it looks somewhat more difficult but still doable because politics are greatly influenced by money prestige. As president, Mr. Trump has some bargaining chips in both areas.

          When it comes to peace between the Arabic nations and the Jews, there are no such carrots to dangle before them. The enmity between them is driven by hatred.  It’s not about money and it’s not about national prestige.  The Arabic nations hate Israel.  Israel could give the Palestinians the West Bank, they could give them the North Bank, they could give them the Bank of America for that matter, and it would not satisfy them.  They want nothing less than for the state of Israel to cease to exist. Neither money, international opinion, nor land-grant appeasement will factor into unrest in that area.

          Why? Because it is a war against God’s chosen people.  It began as a conflict between Jacob and Esau and has been fueled to intense, white-hot flames of hatred by the false religion of Islam who sees themselves as God’s chosen people through Muhammad’s myth that God’s blessings were through Ishmael rather than Isaac.  While non-Muslims in general are to be eradicated, it is the Jews that Muhammad originally turned his anger on.  You see, it is their claim on the land that is directly contrary and opposed to Muhammad’s declaration of the “true lineage” of “Allah’s” blessings flowing through Ishmael.  The Jews are a slap in Muhammad’s face and a thorn in Islam’s paw.  There will never be a peace there until Israel is wiped out and the Jews are dead.

          Why should we, as Americans, join Israel’s cause? Two main reasons:  First, God says He will bless the nations that bless Israel.  While we as a nation have certainly turned our collective backs on God’s commands regarding His providential care for us, we can at least claim His promise of blessing as we support Israel.  But, also, we have to remember that Christians are the second most hated group by Muslim nations.  We, too, trace our roots back to Jacob and thus are diametrically opposed to the teachings of Muhammad.  Between 1914 and 1920 upwards of 300,000 people were slaughtered as the Ottoman (Muslim) Empire took control of the nation of Turkey.  They did not pose a threat to the new government, nor were they causing trouble in any sense.  They were killed because they were Christian; plain and simple.

          That still goes on in this day and time, though not reported as it should be.  Christians around the world are murdered for the cause of Muhammad.  Christians should be knowledgeable about the true cause of the Middle East conflicts and wary of any promises of peace. May God keep Israel and bless these United States!

Bro Tony

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