From Your Pastor's Heart, June 22nd 2017


A man named Russell Vought has been nominated for deputy director of the White House Office of Budget and Management.  During his confirmation hearing Senator Bernie Sanders asked Mr. Vought if he believed that non-Christians would be “condemned” (what Christians would call “lost”, the end result being an eternity in hell).  Mr. Vought’s answer was that he sincerely believed in the centrality of Jesus in any relationship with God.  His answer was yes.

            Keep in mind that this is a political hearing not a theological debate.  Yet, Sen. Sanders said that because of Mr. Vought’s Christian beliefs he would vote no on the confirmation.  Again, Sen. Sanders didn’t say it was because of the candidate’s political views or his lack of management skills but that it was because Mr. Vought is a Christian.

            Some are saying that Sen. Sanders should apologize to the Christians he offended.  He doesn’t owe me an apology.  There are countless un-believers out there who despise Christians as much as he does. If he wants to believe differently that I believe it is his right to do so; and even say so in public.

But he does need to be held accountable.  What he did was unconstitutional. That foundational document says that we cannot impose a religious test as a qualification for any public office and that is exactly what Sen. Sanders did.  I believe he should apologize to the American people and stand before congress and made to answer for his unconstitutional actions.

But let’s look at the situation from the point of view of people who say I (and others like me) are hypocrites because we would take a long, hard look at voting for anyone who embraces Islam.  Isn’t that doing what we are accusing Sen. Sanders of?  Absolutely not! Islam is not like other religions; it is a political and theological religion.  I have concerns with Muslim candidates over their constitutional views, not their adherence to a false prophet’s theological view of who will get to heaven. With their devotion to Sharia law is it very tough to support the Constitution of the United States.  The constitution was written with Christian input and ideology. It allows any religion to exist, it calls for equality of men and women, and it promises freedom of speech and equal protection under the law. I challenge you to read Sharia law and see how it fits in with our constitution. 

Get a Muslims candidate in front of Congress and ask if they believe Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his only prophet. Ask them if non-Muslims are condemned.  When they say yes (and they will or they will lie).  Then begin asking them about our constitution and our laws.  That is the real issue for the political sphere.  People will find that Christians are far friendlier to our beloved country and our constitution than any other religion.          

Bro Tony

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