From Your Pastor's Heart, June 23rd 2016


Blame: assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.  Who or what is responsible for the shooting in Orlando?  Let me say that finding the fault here is prudent; how can we fix a problem if we don’t fix what caused the problem?  But before we begin pointing fingers and shouting at one another, there is something more important for the Christian. We are called to compassion; to prayer and ministry.

            This man did not just kill gay people, he killed sons and daughters.  He murdered mothers and fathers.  He took innocent lives of friends and companions.  We should mourn for them.  Their hearts are broken and their lives will never be the same. He killed American citizens and as Americans our hearts should be broken, too. 

            I'm not advocating going to gay pride celebrations and showing our support for their cause because I do not believe in their cause. I'm not going to display a rainbow flag to show solidarity with the LGTB community because I am not in solidarity with them. But I will mourn for my fellow human beings, love them because the one true God commands me to love them, and decry any and all violence against people because of their sexual choices.

            To the LGTB folks I say this: I love you and I’m praying for you.  You did not deserve what happened in the club in Orlando. While I will always preach that your lifestyle is contrary to God’s plan for His creation, I will never preach hatred or violence toward you. 

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Bro. Tony

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