From Your Pastor's Heart, June 29th 2017


At the Southern Baptist Convention a few weeks ago a resolution condemning racism, white supremacy, and the “alt-right” movement was presented and failed to get a vote from the floor of the convention.  It caused quite a stir and the resulting media attention made it look as if the SBC would not condemn racism.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Were there mistakes made? Absolutely.  But the mistakes were not made because of a racist mindset or a hateful heart.

            The reason the resolution did not make it out of committee was a concern with the wording and the reason it didn’t get to the floor was because of procedural error.  Neither should have happened, honestly, but again it was not out of animosity.  The Resolutions Committee should have contacted the author of the resolution to work on any wording concerns and the messengers in general should have paid more attention to what was happening on the floor.

            So let me make this as clear as possible. Of course the Southern Baptists condemn racism.  Anyone who believes that one race is superior to another and/or mistreats anyone because of the color of their skin is not behaving in a Christian manner; that is not the heart of God.  He created all people and loves all people equally. We Christians are called to express that love in every way possible and at every opportunity.  So if and when you hear a report over this convention having problems with a resolution condemning racism please understand that it wasn’t a matter of  “if” we should but a matter of “how to do it best”.

            In the meantime, invite everybody to church with you.  “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight”.     

            Bro. Tony

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