From Your Pastor's Heart, June 2nd 2016


Last week I said that the “transgender  bathroom” issue wasn’t about the comfort or equality of transgendered people.  It isn’t.  People who have gender disphoria have always used the restrooms available.  Have you ever been in a public place and see someone running out of a restroom screaming that there was a person of the opposite sex using the facilities? Me either.  It was, in reality, a non-problem.

            So ask yourself: What prompted Target to suddenly announce that their restrooms could be used by anyone, regardless of sex?            Here’s the answer: Humanistic agenda. They felt the timing was right for the next nail in the coffin of a God-fearing culture.  Please understand that every step taken so far is already indoctrinating children into accepting as normal that which is clearly “abnormal”.  And in doing so, negating the teachings of any church or home that believes that God made only two sexes; male and female.           

            Recall that when same-sex marriage was legalized I said it wasn’t the last domino that would fall.  First came the “normalization” of homosexuality to the point that some states make it a criminal offense for well-educated psychiatrists to even suggest to a homosexual that the lifestyle is wrong and could be healed.  Next came the legalization of same-sex “marriage”. So what could be next? The normalization of transgenderism? Yes, but even deeper.  Have you noticed how the terminology quickly went from transgender to “identifying”?

            A true transgendered person has had surgery that alters the physical attributes he/she was born with.  They’ve had drug treatments that help change hormonal makeup.  Those people are not too easily identified, if at all.  But those who simply “identify” as the opposite sex are another matter.  It is those that the umbrella of transgenderism is seeking to cover, also.  We are teaching and promoting the idea that it is natural and permissible to “identify” as another sex and you become that sex.

            So you will begin to see more signs indicating “all gender” single occupancy restrooms when in fact the language is unnecessary because ALL single occupancy restrooms accommodated anyone from transgendered, to identifying with the opposite sex, to straight male and female patrons.  And you will see signs with figures indicating a sex besides the standard male and female figures.  All of it will begin to place the seed of doubt in children’s minds regarding their true sex/gender. And that is all they really want.        .

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