From Your Pastor's Heart, June 30th 2016


It is amazing how Satan works, sometimes.  He can take the smallest of unimportant things and suddenly make them seem huge, diverting our attention from our work.  The Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution in our yearly meeting in St. Louis this month calling for Southern Baptists to refrain from displaying the confederate battle flag. Why bring that up? I've never seen it in a Baptist church. I've never heard anyone pledge allegiance to it, nor have I ever heard a sermon preached about it.

            I was raised in the south and that flag has always been a part of my life.  I used to have a large one hanging my bedroom as a teenager.  It never symbolized hatred, bigotry, or a pro-slavery heart.  It was just a “southern thing” and, dadgummit, it was just “purdy”.  You know what? I still like it.

            But I don’t display it or wear it. Why? Because my main task is to win people to Christ and some people do see it, rightly or wrongly, as an anti-black symbol.  It would immediately build a wall between us that may not give me the opportunity to share the Gospel.  But I also do not wear University of Alabama apparel as I visit folks on behalf of the church.  Believe it or not, there are Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida fans on whom that would not make a very good first impression.  And, believe me; you would not give away many Bibles in South Philly while wearing a Dallas Cowboy shirt.  My first priority is Christ.

            But what the SBC did was, in effect, condemn the confederate battle flag. That act also built a wall. There are a lot of people who celebrate their confederate heritage, not out of hate or bigotry, but with pride.  I'm one of them. I don’t like that the leaders of our convention felt it necessary to tell me I shouldn’t.

            Now…lets concentrate of our task of spreading the Gospel!            .

            As usual,

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Bro. Tony

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