From Your Pastor's Heart, June 9th 2016


I made the remark on a Wednesday night that I looked forward to the church facing some persecution. I want to explain that remark.  Throughout history the church has prospered during time of persecution.  When I say “prospered” I’m not necessarily talking about numerical growth. I'm talking about spiritual growth.  It is during times of persecution that the wheat is separated from the chaff. Some will fall away but those who stay are made stronger as their faith is tested and found real, thus the foundation of the church is strengthened.

            And yes, I do see signs that the church is about to face persecution that it hasn’t faced in the United States since…well, ever.  The first indicator is the removal of “special status” from the church.  Slowly we are seeing churches treated like businesses more than non-profits under the guise that they should be taxed more because what it’s only “fair”.  But once that designation of religious status as a non-profit is removed the church can literally be forced to abandon their religious beliefs in hiring practices and benevolent causes. 

            Then there is the growing designation of “hate speech”.  One of the truly outstanding features of the US constitution is the protection of free speech.  It has even been ridiculously stretched to include pornography, foul language, and disgusting “artistic” expression. But now, when certain words…thus thoughts… receive the tag of “hate speech” they are suddenly denied free speech. So who defines what is hate speech and what is free speech? Why does a Christian saying that homosexuality is wrong denote hate speech but a homosexual saying that Christianity is wrong is simply a protected right? Why can Christians be barred from ministering in prisons because of their beliefs on homosexuality yet atheist have never even been questioned about they believe before they work with prisoners’?

            It may be small steps right now, but the church is being pushed into a corner. It will get worse.  Then we will see the true church take a stance.  That stance will be met with economics repercussions on Christian churches…then Christian families.  But please understand: The church will never be defeated. Ever.           
           “…..choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15 (NIV).                     

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Bro. Tony

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