From Your Pastor's Heart, March 10th 2016


            Both Psalm 19:1-6 and Romans 1:20 tell us that by looking at the world we can know that there is a God who created it.  I always thought about looking at the beauty of nature we would know that God created it. But it means much more than that. It actually says that by looking at the science of the world we should know He created it.  Those who say that science proves creationism wrong are blinding themselves to the truth.

            Look at the perfectness of the world; all elements but especially the human body.  The human body is perfect in its design.  Every organ has a job, function and purpose.  Each part works in perfect synchronization with the other parts. When one part is not functioning properly it affects the other parts.  What that science tell me is that there could not have ever been a time when the human body wasn’t in perfect working order; everything operating as it should.  It couldn’t have evolved into that.

            If that were so, then there had to be a time when a human-like creature had a brain, heart, lungs, and other parts that didn’t function enough for the body to survive.  Such a creature would have looked human but couldn’t breathe, walk, speak or have blood pumped through its veins.  This creature would have existed for millions of years in various states of  “not functioning” until one day the brain suddenly began functioning enough to tell the a perfectly constructed heart to beat the correct amount of times with the proper pressure, so that the perfectly functioning lungs could inhale the right amounts of the perfectly mixed together parts of the atmosphere to infuse the exact ratio of oxygen/blood to cause the……I could go on and one.

            You see for the human body to do all the things it does it ALL had to happen simultaneously and perfectly or the body would not be able to function in ANY way whatsoever.  The human body came into being suddenly and perfectly and science proves that.

Look at this marvelous world in which we live.  It’s not an accident.  It can’t be.

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Bro. Tony

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