From Your Pastor's Heart, March 17th 2016


A couple of weeks ago a very prominent and well-respected pastor of a very large church made the statement from the pulpit during a sermon that if you didn’t take your family to a “mega church” you were being a selfish parent.  In his opinion, I guess, small churches are useless and a waste of time. We who pastor such churches are evidently doing the people a great disservice by inviting then to become a part of our church families.  Could he be right?  Absolutely not. Far from it.

            Over 75% of the churches in Alabama average less than 100 in attendance in Sunday School/Bible studies on Sunday mornings. Only three churches in the Birmingham Baptist Association even come close to the definition of a “Mega Church” (generally accepted as averaging over 2,000 in attendance).  According to this man the best thing for these churches to do is to shut their doors and encourage their members to rush over and join a larger, more effective church.

            Evidently he has not ever been involved in a smaller church.  The smaller church experience is fantastic and beneficial for several reasons.  First is involvement.  In a smaller church the opportunities for service are greater.  Whatever spiritual gift that God has given you can be better accessed in a smaller church where you are not just one of several thousand.  That goes for the music program, too.  A person doesn’t have to “try out” for the choir.  You want to sing? Show up on Wednesday night practice.  There is a place for you.

            Next is belonging.  You are not a faceless person who shows up for services and let the “hired hands” determine policy and polity of the church. You can have input and effect on the direction of the church.  It’s YOUR church in so many ways.  You are an integral part of decisions if you want to be.

But also, there is the personal aspect of a smaller church. I like this part.  You have a connection with everyone. The people that sing are your friends.  The teachers are you friends.  You even have a pastor that is also your friend. With that friendship comes access.  In a smaller church you can call your pastor if you need to talk.  He can pray with you when need be.  He can visit the hospital when you are sick and come to your home when there are difficult times.  He’s not just the pastor of the church…He is YOUR pastor.   

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Bro. Tony

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