From Your Pastor's Heart, March 23rd 2017


Easter falls on April 16th this year and that isn’t far away. I want to remind everyone about our special service times that day. We begin with a Sunrise Service at 6:30, followed by our Bluff Perk breakfast/fellowship time. Our Sunday morning Bible studies follow at 8:00 and Worship will be at 9:00. We are looking for a wonderful time of fellowship, praise, and worship as we open God’s word during Bible study and Worship. Please begin inviting family and friends to join us.

          But I want to ask something of you: I want to ask each of you to begin a time of fervent prayer in the weeks before Easter. I know many of you pray daily and I know that your prayers are sincere, heartfelt, and effective. God bless you for seeking that time with the Lord. Please keep that up.

          However, I am asking for a specialized time of prayer where we beg God to place His hand on this body of believers that gather as Bluff Park Baptist Church each Sunday.  Now, here’s how I want you to pray: First a time of worship and adoration for the God of all creation and the Lord of your life. Acknowledge to whom you are praying and humble yourself before the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, praising Him for who He is.

          Then I want you to ask Him one simple question. I want you to ask Him “what do you want me to do so that you will put your hand on this community through this church?”  That’s it; that one question.

          Now comes the important part. Listen to Him. Listen as he speaks to your mind and your heart.  Is repentance necessary? Sometimes God will withhold promises because of sin in our life. Is there some forgiveness you need to exhibit? God will not forgive us as long as we withhold our forgiveness from others. Perhaps there is an attitude that needs to change, a willingness you need to embrace, a prejudice you need to overcome, or  a task you are equipped to do.  In essence I want you to personalize 2 Chronicles 7:14 so that it reads; “If __________ (fill in your name) who is a Christian, will humble himself/herself and pray and seek my face and turn from his/her wicked ways, Then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive his/her sin and will heal his/her land.”

          You see, it is often easier to look at the big picture and get a sense of what “we” as a church should do than it is to discern what “I” as the church should do. Yet before “we” can do anything “I” must be right with God. Honestly, it’s not that difficult to understand.

          On Easter morning, I’ll ask for any of you who will, to tell us what God reveals to you about you. Not intricate or personal details, but what God spoke to you about what you need to do to set the Spirit free to grow the Kingdom of God through this church. I am looking forward to that service.  

 Bro. Tony

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Wed6:30pmPrayer Meeting
7:15pmAdult Choir Practice


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