From Your Pastor's Heart, March 3rd 2016


I have been asked many times how to determine God’s will.  It is an important question. My first response is this: Obedience.  Obey the word of God and  you will find yourself walking straight into God’s will for your life.  For instance, the Bible tells us to love other people as we love ourselves (Mark 12:31).  Loving other people encourages you to minister in as many ways as possible.  Obedience leads us to hold on in tough times and have faith in God; to wait until He moves (Hebrews 10:23).  That way we do not get ahead of His plan or get discouraged.  Obedience also leads us to strive to do good works (Ephesians 2:10).  While we are working for the Lord we often find that which He has prepared for us to do, that is, we find His will.

            But there is a second kind of seeking God’s will, also, and that is in particular decisions.  Should I leave this job and take another? Should I buy a new house? Is it time to trade cars?  Should I date this person?  These are a little more difficult because our own will often clouds our judgment.  So I say this: Find peace.  When we make the right decision, there is a peace that the world cannot give. 

            Be careful, though.  Sometimes we can get so focused on finding God’s will for the future that we miss what He has for us today..So seek god’s will for yourself. Seek His will for the future and seek His will for today.  I suspect they will be closely tied together.           

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