From Your Pastor's Heart, March 9th 2017


Our church is a very benevolent church.   We have assisted countless people with their needs and we have done it without regard to race or ethnicity.  If someone is in need we will do what we can to give them a hand.  But we don’t do it blindly.  There are stipulations.  First, we find out where they are living.  If they live in Bessemer or Irondale, for instance, why would they reach out to a church in Bluff Park for help when there are so many good churches around them?  The answer is generally that the local churches have dealt with them already and discovered that there isn’t a need or that they have been abusing the generosity of the churches.  We are a community church and need to utilize our limited resources to those in our sphere of ministry.

            We also determine if the need is really there.  If someone needs help with their rent or utilities, we actually call the landlord or utility company and see if the people have a history of churches paying their bills for them.  Believe it or not, some people have learned how to “work the system” in order to defraud caring people.  We also limit our frequency of help so as not to allow people to become dependent on us over the long run.

            We have learned not to give cash, either. We will go put gas in an automobile, send a check to the utility company, or refer them to the Green Springs Ministry if the need is food. My point is, we are generous but not dumb.  We are caring but not carless.

            There is a huge refugee crisis in the Middle East and many people are saying that Christians should all be for taking them into our nation because we have compassionate hearts.  And, conversely, if we make any statement to the contrary we must be hard-hearted or uncaring; not very Christ-like.  But I want everyone to see that it is more complicated than that.

            We, as a nation and as Christians, must take great care and caution.  We must check things out, investigate people, and count the cost.  Some will say that I feel that way only because they are Muslims.  My reply?  Not only because they are Muslims, but that sure does cause me to double check.  Why?  Because there has been no world-wide call for Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, or Hindus to kill Americans.  But there are calls daily from Muslim religion/governments for followers of Muhammad to destroy our culture.  It would be dumb, bordering on stupid, not to take that into consideration.   


Say good things about your Savior and about His church here at Bluff Park!

Bro. Tony

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