From Your Pastor's Heart, May 11th 2017


This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day.  It can be difficult to write a column about mothers because not all women become mothers and not all mothers are good mothers.  But I think that, in this day and age, we tend to forget the importance of a strong family unit and the indispensable role that mothers play.

            God had a plan.  He talks about it in His book.  He made males and he made females.  They were as different as day and night, each with unique characteristics and abilities. They were capable of reproducing and the offspring were then nurtured by the parents.  Each parent had something special to contribute to the children’s life and the child needed them both.  No matter what people say today, that hasn’t changed.  It never will; especially when it comes to the mother.

            My mother had seven children over a period of 15 years.  That means that she effectively changed and washed cloth diapers for about sixteen years, got us up and dressed for school, cooked breakfast for seven, washed and mended our clothes, cleaned our home, and then met us at the door after school and cooked supper for close to 40 years! She never really retired and certainly received no pension for her labor.  I loved my daddy, or course, but it was my mother that was the center of my daily life. 

Some would say “a man could do all of that”.  I admit that I’ve heard rumors that some men can actually operate a washing machine.  But although some things in society change, especially with both parents working in most families, the basic roles of the parents haven’t changed.  Children need a mother, not a sexually confused man trying to “mother” them.  They need the nurturing and care of a strong female role model.  They need a mother to fix their “boo boos”, hug them until disappointment melts away. They need a mother’s good-night kiss, her encouraging smile, and her heart-felt encouragement.  I’ll put it this way:  there are just some things that only a mother can do.

May God bless all the mothers.  Your hard labor, selfless sacrifice, and life-long love and care for your children will bear fruit for generations to com. 




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