From Your Pastor's Heart, May 12th 2016


Every year, to celebrate the harvest of a major crop, Dothan, Alabama celebrates the National Peanut festival.  It is a wonderful fun-filled two weeks. They have a lot of agricultural events that are….unique.  Among those is the “Greased Pig” contest.  They literally grease some mid-sized pigs and release them in an arena.  Children are then turned loose and allowed to catch one.  A perfectly dry pig is difficult to catch so you can imagine trying to nab one that is slippery.  It’s quite fun to watch though, honestly, not many kids are successful.

            In a lot of ways lost folks are a lot like those greased pigs and Christians are like the kids chasing them (bear with me here. I'm not being insensitive to lost people). But, you may ask, how is catching a greased pig like leading some to Christ?  Here are a few things that have helped kids catch a slippery piglet that may help us in our evangelistic efforts.

  1. Prepare your minds for the difficulty of the task.  I've seen kids rush in thinking it was going to be simple to just jump on a little pig and capture it.  After a couple of minutes the frustration shows and they simply give up. Winning people to the Lord is going to be difficult.  Thinking it will be easy can cause frustration.

  2. Focus your work. There are a lot of pigs and a lot of children and the action heats up quickly. Some children start after one pig only to see another come closer.  They make the second pig their objective…until a third comes by closer.  Again, they change.  They very rarely catch a pig.  If you know someone who is lost, concentrate on that person. Pray for him or her.  Work with them.  Spend time pursuing them.  If God has led you to the opportunity to reach a person, make that person your priority.

  3. Never feel defeated.  The greased pig contest ends when the first child catches a pig. Therefore, even many of those that didn’t give up and worked until the end, don’t get a pig. Even if you do not think you were successful in leading someone to Christ, remember this: YOU were obedient. Scripture tells us that God delights in obedience. Is it Ok to feel disappointment? Of course.  But NEVER feel defeated. Until you get to heaven, you will never know just how successful you were in helping someone find the path to God.

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    Bro. Tony

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