From Your Pastor's Heart, May 25th 2017


We are just a couple of weeks away from Vacation Bible School.  I want everyone to be praying for a successful VBS.  But, what would we consider successful? I know that we look at certain “markers” to judge success.  We always want a big number of children.  We want to see new faces among those who attend and we want to meet new families.  We also want some of those families to choose Bluff Park Baptist as their home church.

But what if none of those things happen? Have we failed in some way? Did we do something wrong?  Absolutely not.  If the numbers are small, we still have the task of helping the children to know more about God and to learn about more about Jesus. Whether 10 children or 100 children, our task remains unchanged. And if teach them the Bible we have been successful, we have been obedient, and we have completed our task.

Having said that I am really expecting more kids and more families this year so I want you to pray that we meet their needs and minister to each family touched.  God is blessing our efforts as a church to truly minister in this community and I see no reason He will stop anytime soon.

If you haven’t volunteered to help yet, See Angie and she will give you a place of ministry there.  It could be in food prep, crafts, or the Bible study areas.  Just Be willing and available and God will take care of the rest!

Bro. Tony


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