From Your Pastor's Heart, May 26th 2016


My heart goes out to those who are confused about their gender.  They need physiological help and a lot of compassion and understanding.  I do not “fear” them or think they are a danger to children simply because of their sickness.  But I wonder why, now, there is a push to make restrooms accessible to anyone who would like to be the opposite sex.

            It has been rightly pointed out that transgendered people have had access to public restrooms for a very long time.  Indeed, if a man or woman has had themselves surgically altered so that they appear to be the opposite sex, no one would imply that they would use any other restroom than their “new” physical gender.  Who would even know? You see, the bathroom issue is not about them.  It never has been.

            But what about people who “identify” with the opposite sex yet still have the anatomically correct physical attributes of their natural gender:  A woman dresses like a man or a man dresses like a woman but it is obvious what sex they are.  What of these people?  I once saw a man in a department store wearing a dress, with longer hair, and wearing makeup.  But even with all of that he was still visibly a man.  His build, walk, and especially facial hair spoke to his gender.  Had he gone inside a women’s restroom any females in there would have felt uncomfortable, nervous, and possibly threatened and would have immediately left the restroom. But, what if he had gone into a men’s room wearing a dress and make-up?  How would the men inside feel?  Honestly, he would not be welcomed in either restroom.

So how is that to be handled? I’ll give you my take on it.  The number of people who identify as transgendered, is roughly .3% of the population (that is 3/10 of one percent).  If Hoover has a population of approximately 85,000 people, around 280 of them “identify” as the opposite sex. Now consider this: it is estimated that 7% of the population will not use a public restroom at all!  In Hoover that would be 5,950 people who make their plans so that they do not use a public restroom. Couldn’t 280 more people make the same type of plan?

Is that cruel? Un-Christian?  Absolutely not.  It’s just common sense.  As Christians we should always be kind, compassionate, and loving toward those with mental issues.  But that doesn’t mean we are to disregard the feelings, safety, or rights of others.  A Christian lady would feel as uncomfortable and threatened as an atheist lady if a man dressed as a woman entered the restroom she was using. And I wouldn’t counsel them otherwise. 

But the issue is not even about the restroom comfort of someone who is obviously dressing as one of the opposite. sex. They have always found a way to circumvent their problem.  Next week I’ll tell you what I believe to be the true issue.                     

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